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weekend at TT races

With the relaxation of the lockdown our dale resembled the TT races with large numbers of motorbikes driving in excess of the speed limits through villages and on the 60 mile an hour stretches of road. They were fleeing around from early morning to late evening both days. But is was their behaviour in the villages that took the biscuit, with the toilets closed they were urinating in the streets and at the side of the roads in full view of other people. They were abusive to staff in the small local Co-op when asked to follow the social distancing rules as they had only come in for a coffee. One man said he had travelled 60 miles to get a Costa coffee from the machine. They travelled in groups of up to 10 and were headed over the boundary into Cumbria where nearly 100 gathered at a fuel station and shop. I am not looking forward to next weekend at all!


  • frogmortonfrogmorton Posts: 25,239 ✭✭✭

    It's here Stella and it's a bank holiday weekend too. We also noticed a lot of bikes, but saw no trouble at all luckily. We went for a drive stayed in the car it was lovely, but made sure we could get back before either of us needed the loo!

    Is it actually legal to wee in front of other people?



    Toni xxx
  • I think it is something like indecent exposure though with the winds today if they do it they will have to watch for blow back! The weather has kept most of them off the roads. They did take to our local facebook group apparently ( I am not on it) to complain that us locals had no right to call the police as we don't know the difference between a noisy bike and a speeding one both of which are illegal.

    They were speeding going over 50 miles in 30 as we stood on the pavement and watched them. The police wanted numbers of course but we can't get them at that speed.

  • Airwave!Airwave! Posts: 2,341

    We have the same problem, with cars as well, all in a 30mph limit. No speed checks (camera club) have been happening , all resources are dealing with virus based incidents but since we have crowds doing whatever they wish it’s not what the police are doing it’s what they’re not doing!

    perhaps we shouldn’t be older and sensible then we wouldn’t notice what all the youngsters do?

  • It isn't just the youngsters a large number of the bikers are 50 plus and should know better. We had quite large groups of ramblers yesterday some of the footpaths were packed social distancing seems to be forgotten. I am keeping well out of the way, seeing to my horse early in the morning before the hoards descend.

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