Is excercise bike and weights enough to see me through isolation?


Because I am over seventy and have type two diabetes, my doctor has advised me not to go out at all. I have an ancient excercise bike and some 3 k weights which I have been using every day. On the downside, my osteoarthritis has never been worse; affecting both my knees and hands, my right foot and my neck.

I just wondered if any of you were in the same boat? I tried walking a few times from my kitchen to my front door as walking is very painful at the moment, but it seemed to make things worse. It is also affecting my sleep. I get off okay but always wake up within a couple of hours and find it hard to get comfortable in bed after that.

I am normally an active person. I will be 71 next month and still work for a local magazine, doing interviews and podcasts; all from home at the moment of course, but this requires a lot of time on my computer and after I have been sitting here, my legs take a while to start working again. Any suggestions or shared experiences would be welcome.


  • Mike1
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    Any form of exercise makes my OA worse and I have been told three times by physiotherapists that there is nothing that they can do for me. I used to do pilates on a one to one basis but the instructor refused to continue with my sessions as she could hear my bones grinding on each other! I use crutches around my bungalow and a wheelchair elsewhere. I am only 61 and like you only get a couple of hours kip a night if I am lucky. I applaud you for trying to exercise but I would say, based on experience, that if it hurts stop!

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    I typed my reply, hit the wrong buton, lost the lot. 😱 Short version now qith typos.

    I have OA all over the shop but persist in exercising for the overall body health and physical stamina. I am shielding due to the meds for my other arthritis but that is not stopping actvity. I flick the kettle on and get in 100 steps before it boils, sometimes more so I get out of breath. I repeat while my tea is brewing or sometimes I will do my Achilles tendon stretchez or zome pulls with my resistance bands which are left hanging on the newel post. I envy you the bike, cycling was one of my great loves butit's gone thanks to joint damage. Donot overdo esercise, a little and often with a rest in between is better than a splurge which causes more pain and distress to the joints. What pain relief so you take? DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
  • realwriter

    Hi Dreamdaisy

    I only take paracetamol as I can't take NSAIDs because of ulcers. A friend and follow sufferer just recommended I try Biofreeze gel and I bough some today; haven't tried it yet though. I tried some walking form my kitchen and the front door, which I did several times but ended up with very sore knees; predominantly my right one and that's usually my good one.

    Thanks for your answer.