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Hello folks


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    Hello. Welcome to the online Community.

    Do tell us a little more about yourself and your experience with arthritis.

    All best wishes


  • kingfisher1

    Hello ,I have just signed up . My name is Michael and have had arthritis for around 2 years.

    Unfortunately most of the medication I have had are not working to well or I am having a lot of side effects with them. I am also a retired general nurse and nursing home manager with a number of health problems which result in my problems with medication.

    I have arthritis pain in my neck, shoulders, arms, wrists hands and fingers along with elbows and hips, I am hoping that I am able to get some relief.

    These are on top of past medial problems, diabetes, cancer and quad bypass surgery


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    Hi @kingfisher1

    Welcome to the online community, this is a great place to share with other people who experience similar conditions and symptoms. Although everybody is different, sometimes it's good to hear what has worked for others.

    You mention you have arthritis pain in numerous joints as well as other medical problems. I wonder if you have seen the range of exercises to help manage pain, which are available on our website for different joints?

    We also stock a wide range of information leaflets which include only evidence-based information about conditions and treatment options. You can search for what interests you here: https://www.versusarthritis.org/order-our-information/

    Let us know if you find any of these useful, and feel free to join in the conversation in other areas as well. You might want to pop into Val's Café or try the chit-chat forum.

    Best wishes