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Good Morning Everyone,
I am new to VA and wanted to introduce myself. I have suffered with arthritis for a long time and real problems started to started in my early to late 40’s with knee and hip pain. As a police officer, I was working in a very busy and stressful environment, worked very long hours and I loved my job.

At 48, I had very severe right hip degeneration and had a hip replacement, followed by a left hip and knee replacement and Lymphoedema in both legs which lead to I’ll health retirement four years ago. Since retirement I have had my ups and downs with this disease and pain levels fluctuate daily.

I keep myself busy volunteering in our local community and I run a small business to keep me active. I try not to take any medication because of the side-effects e.g. ringing in my ears, skin breaking down, tiredness and still suffering pain.

At the moment my pain threshold has risen to new heights and over the last week I am suffering a new pain across the whole of my hips. The pain is like a dragging sensation , muscular pain surrounding my lower back that is very tender to touch and some mornings a feeling that someone has broken my back though the night and when when I wake up in a morning! I have also developed a lovely neck crack if I look down for too long! 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I have tried speaking to my GP but it’s falling on deaf ears due to COVID19. They think because you have pain medication that is enough!!! I seriously need to lose weight as it has crept up and this could be part of the problem.

I had joined a gym but can’t find any enthusiasm for fitness training as I’m always looking for that magical high, which never comes.

I am looking for support to help reduce my weight, a new eating plan and to feel good about myself again. Since my Arthritic companion joined me my life has steady gone down hill.

I have tried and spent a lot of money buying gadgets to help me through this strange journey that I am on, some help and others don’t.

I am genuinely looking for a coping mechanism with My all round health as I am too young to be feeling old! <3


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    Good Morning @Anjee03

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community. Coping mechanisms we do here very well! You sound to be a positive person who keeps on going despite adversity - your business being an example of your positive attitude. Always good when coping with a condition like Arthritis.

    I will leave the members to share their own experiences with you, but in the meantime this is definitely worth a read:

    Some of our members actually have posted weekly updates on their weigh-loss journeys - almost using the forum as a 'diet club'. If you were to start a 'diet' thread you might find you get people joining in!

    Best wishes