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Hi my name is Georgina. I have OA in both hands/wrists, I have had 1 total knee replacement due to OA And I fear I might have started with it in my ankles. I appreciate everyone responds differently to medication but can anyone suggest medication that has helped significantly with their pain management?



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    Hi @Gini

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online Community on behalf of myself and the Moderating Team.

    I see you are after support with pain management. I will leave our members to tell you of their own experiences, but in the meantime this is certainly worth a read:

    Best wishes


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    Hello Gini
    Try the cbd oil I've used them on and off as its expensive but i get results from it especially with sleeping and it dulls the pains down i use [xxxx]

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    thank you for your reply. I know you are unable to recommend brands etc , but can you say if you are using the more expensive / high strength?

    how much does it help, really, and is it worth paying extra.

    i had an injection in My right hand In early March and was Due for the left to be done just after lockdown. Unfortunately the first injection has worn off and I really need some relief 😢


  • weebutts1967
    Its the dearer 1 its 4000mg it really works for me it lets me relax my legs in bed and dulls the pain so that i can get a good bit of sleep
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    Sorry i forgot to add yep I'd pay anything to get through the next few months till i get my surgery done
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    Please Note

    If you are considering using CBD to manage the pain of your arthritis, it’s important to remember it cannot replace your current medicines, and it may interact with them, so please do not stop/start taking anything without speaking to a healthcare professional.