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Hi everybody. I have osteoarthritis all through body and hands knees. My worst pain is my neck and shoulders as it causes vicious headaches. I had Naproxen for quite a few years, then all of a sudden my Doctor took me off them 'cos he said they could cause a stomach bleed. Ever since then I have pain all over and my neck and headaches drive me to distraction. Pain clinic told me the only help I could receive was neck/needle BUT this could cause me to become paralysed. That frightened me and I have not yet had that done. What a decision cant drive and my adult son is at present in care/support home because of a mental illness. If I drive it causes a flare up the following day. Hey ho. Anyway I have had my moan. Chin up and get thru another day....Wish you all well. Feel better already xx

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    Welcome to the Community @whatapain

    It's lovely to meet you. I'm glad even just posting made you feel better! It does sounds as though you have a lot going on, with your son, as well as your osteoarthritis.

    I am glad you have found this forum I know the members here will be very supportive - they always are.

    I can see you have already tried a lot to manage your pain, but just in case there is anything new to you I am attaching a link about managing pain:

    I'll leave you now to meet our members.

    Best wishes