Educate our Young Generation

When i was younger I played Rugby and despite my size I was as fast as the wind. Lol. I spent some time flying over assault courses too. Now at a young 54 I can no longer run and even walking and trying to keep a job is hard. If i had been told when I was younger that all the throwing myself about was going to cause real damage to my joints and the pain I have to endure I wouldnt have been so abusive to my body. Which raises the question why are we not educating our young generation on the long term consequences of contact sports and the like. I really think more should be done. Its not just a rant I feel strongly we should use our experience to warn our youngsters but its not done. Why? Schools should be doing this..
Its crazy that until you cant walk theres little the medical profession can do or will do apart from some physio and pain killers. All I get told is your too young for a replacement so I continue to hobble around like a 90 year old .


  • Crookesey
    Crookesey Bots Posts: 119

    I had a similar life and after being shown a full under neck body scan I am certain that my past sporting activities have contributed to my current condition. I well recall my rheumatologist pointing out the damages that I we’ll recall coming from football injuries. I know folk my age that have never partaken in any sporting activities and are a lot more mobile than me. But then again I love my morning 5 miles dog walk in the Peak District National Park, that somewhat makes up for not being able to bend, kneel and sleep comfortably