Hi everyone,

If in months to come a vaccine is available to treat Covid 19 will people still be able to have the flu jab? I truly hope that a vaccine is found sooner rather than later.

Stay safe everyone 🐶


  • trepolpen
    trepolpen Member Posts: 504

    Hi Kazza , the flu jabs are not a problem ,

    If there is a Covid-19 vaccine , it will be a LIVE vaccine so some of us mat not be able to have it , dont recommend getting the virus , not good & still not fully recovered after 7 weeks , we may need ro rely on a herd immunity , I was told we cant have live vaccine on biologics , if we can stop them from a few months & get the vaccine I am not sure but ask you rheumatoligist when you see them

  • Kazza52
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    Thank you Trepolpen for your reply.