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Hi, my names Lisa, I'm 52 and I have OA in my spine, wrists, hands, knees, ankle plus cervical spondylosis which affects my left shoulder, arm and hand. I have fibromyalgia and I have bone spurs growing on my hips and other places and had one growing into my spinal canal which had to be removed, this has left me with nerve damage. I recently had a TIA which has affected my right side. I take so many tablets as well as having butec patches. I can hardly walk, standing is worse, driving is out of the question. I do have a lovely family who try to be as understanding as they can. Both knees need replacing but I was told I'm too young.

Does anyone else panic buy? I'm terrible for this, buy anything and everything.

I hope everyone is safe and well.


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    Hi @LisaS,

    Welcome to the forum, it is great to have you with us. It certainly sounds like you have a lot to manage and I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain. It is great to see you have a loving family although it can be hard for family and friends to truly understand and relate to what you are going through. That is one of the great things about this forum, all our members and moderators are impacted by arthritis in some form or another and are a great support for each other.

    You may already be familiar with the information on our website but just in case I’ve provided a couple of links below which may be of some help. The first has information, tips and advice on managing pain. The second link has information on knee replacement surgery. As you mentioned it may be too early to consider surgery but it is always useful to have as much information as possible and this may help when you next speak to your consultant.

    Please take a look around and join in any of the forums where you feel comfortable.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi Lisa, sorry to hear you’ve got so much to deal with, but glad you have a lovely family. It can make such a difference. I’ve just got OA in my hips, waiting for a new one, but just having that to deal with that I find a right pain (scuse the pun). Just got over ME, and now this 😕

    If I’m feeling rubbish, before lock down I would comfort buy socks, bars of lovely scented soaps or lipstick that I very rarely wear. Not quite the same as panic buying till you stand back and realise how much you’ve accumulated! 🤪 I did panic buy hair dye when lockdown started though, no need to look as rubbish as I feel. Xx,