triple fushion

Had a talus fushion 1 1/2 years ago pain is even worse got to have anpther steroid jab nextmonth and i will need a subtalor fushion...
Question is as a gardener im on my feet all day and my surgeon said my navicular joint is ok but would it be better to fuse this as well because i don't in the future want to go in if the arthritis spreads to this joint...
Any one my age 54 doing a heavy manual job had a triple fushion don thanks


  • trepolpen
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    Ihave had bothh ankles done , never regretted it , dont stop you doing anything , six weeks without weight , & into airboot after another six weeks full weight through the ankle , takes six months to fully heal , well worth it , no pain

  • On my first fushion in plaster 12 weeks been told same for next one did you have all 3 joints done
  • frogmorton
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    Not me but my brother in law is a gardener and he had both ankles totally fused some years ago. No more pain he has never looked back 🙂

  • Thanks huddy