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Hi there. I'm new and have been told I have arthritis in my foot, hands and one knee... I am unable to take anti inflamitary pain killers as I have a gastric issue and had been taking co codamol but now can only take codeine as these agrivate my liver function.
My pain is bad when I stop... Knee pain prevents me sleeping and hand pain is dredful in the morning and I can't grip anything. I'm 50 and really need to get this sorted as many years to go hopefully!
Can anyone recommend natural remedies or ideas to help please?
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    Hi Michelle

    Welcome to the online Arthritis community,its good you have found us to tell us your story.It is a shame you have gastric issues I am surprised your GP hasn't found a pain killer to help your pain and your gastric problem.You didn't say wether you have been referred to any one either.If you want you can talk to someone on our help line 08005200520.or chat to our forum members.

    Hope you problems can be resolved Christine

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