Amitriptyline making me feel spaced out

I have only had 3 tablets so far, all taken before 8pm, however I feel permanently spaced out and I don't like it. Is this side effect likely to wear off, because I'm seriously thinking about stopping taking them. Even though it's great being able to sleep.


  • Mike1
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    They used to do that to me too so I went back to the Consultant and tried something else. Unfortunately I tried every drug over the years for my OA and am now stuck on Morphine.

  • Twirl58
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    Are you going to take any more Nickyc? I have only taken 2 and haven't slept since. My mind is all over the place and my legs keep jerking then today I have had terrible diarrhoea. I really don't know what to do. The plus side is no pain but I really need to sleep now.
  • Nickyc
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    Hi twirl58, I decided to come off amitriptyline, on the 4th day I was spaced out all day, I couldn't concentrate at all. I had 2 good nights sleep and 2 nights of being awake, just lying there while lots of thoughts ran through my head. My family wanted me to stay on it so I compromised and took half a tablet. My tongue was numb for around 10 hours, I had stomach ache and a few stabbing pains in my heart. I didn't sleep. I haven't had a tablet since Saturday, I don't feel spaced out, but have had a slight headache since Sunday. It may be great for pain, however I prefer to be fully functioning mentally. So I wont go back to this medication. Good luck with taking the amitriptyline, if you decide to keep going with it. Xx
  • Lilymary
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    Crikey, this really does go to show that some drugs just don't suit everyone. I've had no side effects at all with it. It sounds like you and twirl58 had a really rough time with it. Whatever you do, discuss it with your doc first. They can be really helpful when you're worried about side effects of drugs.

  • MoWW
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    Hi @Nickyc If you are concerned about how the drug is affecting you, to reassure yourself you could ask for some advice from your GP or local pharmacist.

    take care