Pain from the moment I wake up.

Every day begins exactly the same, with pain and discomfort in my hips, lower back and hands. It doesnt matter which position I try and sleep in, every morning is the same. Every day begins on such a low. How do you all cope with this? Is there anything you use when sleeping to help ease the pain in the mornings? Do you have any tips or suggestions? I would love to hear from you.


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    Hi Lizp333,

    Welcome to the Online Community Forum.

    From what I am reading it sounds like you have been having a bit of a tough time with pain and discomfort. Have you tried to speak to your consultant regarding your pain management, I know it might be difficult because of COVID-19 to see anybody but surely over the phone?

    I know with myself I sleep with a V shaped pillow. One of those pregnancy pillows. It has been my saviour. But what helps for one might not help for someone else so please don't quote me on it. I haven't commented on your other post so not sure if you want to comment below.

    You also might be able to get some helpful advice and tips from the Versus Arthritis Helpline. I have attached the Link

    If you are feeling on a low and need someone to speak to then the

    Versus Arthritis Helpline Number is: 0800 5200 520

    Please don't forget you are not on your own. Your now part of our community.

    Stay Safe


  • Lizp333
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    Thank you for you reply AJ_x. I don't have a consultant for arthritis in general. Each diagnosis has been through x Ray's ordered by my gp. I have a consultant for my hands, particularly my thumbs and have had numerous pain relieving injections into the joints under xray. I had bilateral z plasty of the iliotibial band to relieve pressure on my hips about 6 years ago but do not see anyone for the current conditions. My neck pain is horrendous and I have butec 20mg patches to control that. The mornings are really difficult. I cannot sleep on my back regardless but lying on my side causes intense pain in my hips and lying on my front causes pain in my lower back due to the the arthritis in my pelvis. My hands are so swollen first thing, fingers like sausages, it's hard to bend them and the whole hand throbs. I hate starting the day like this. A v shaped pillow is worth a go. To be honest I will try anything.
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    Are we talking osteoarthritis here? I have a creaky foot in both camps and have had for years so pain is a fact of life. My rheumatologist ignores my OA and the GP likewise with my psoriatic arthritis, both are easily familiar with the theory of living with arthritis but that's the extent of their experience, i.e. they are at the blunt end. I, on the other hand, am at the sharp end so do the hard bit.

    I don't spend much time wondering how I do it, if I allowed the pain would dominate but usng my pain dullers sensibly, using walking aids, exercising a little every day and keeping my brain distracted all enables me to get on. The only joints which are currently unaffected by either arthritis are my jaw and right shoulder, those affected by the PsA are currently under good control with the meds so that leaves the OA as the main pain culprit but it is easier to manage because it is predictable. It worsens in poorer weather so that is when I do more reading, more puzzles, watch more TV than usual, all in response to something I cannot control. It also worsens if I overdo things so I always stop when I think I can do more and if I eat too much acidic food well, that is self-induced extra misery so I do my best not to. Needless to say I love vinegary pickles and chutneys, it's always stuff you like that mucks you up!

    As I say to my husband, pain is a case of mind over matter: I do mind, that doesn't matter. I go to bed in pain, wake at least three times in pain, get up in pain. He doesn't grasp it never stops and why would he? For him pain still works as it should, an alarm that something is wrong and needs fixing. I can't be fixed. I no longer hanker for the unachievable, the impossible, the dream. It is what it is. DD

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    Hi dreamdaisy, thank you for your response. My attitude is the same as yours, has been for years. This site and the message it gives out however has resonated with me in such a big way, watching the suffering of my nana and my mum and literally just accepting my fate as each section of my body was confirmed as arthritic is not how it should be. This morning I wanted to shout from the roof tops that I want this all to stop. But I accept that is not going to happen and am just hoping to draw on others experiences and what they do to make it more bearable. I worry constantly about how much longer I will be able to go to work. Though my employee is amazing in the support I get.
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    My parents were fortunate to miss out on the genetic glories they passed on to me. I am delberately childless because the dross had to stop somewhere and it has; I was an only too so the buck has definitely been stopped. I have organised my whole life to make the most of comparatively little health-wise, I was a sickly child with auto-immune junk (pre steroid creams and inhalers too) so have a good grounding in getting on with what little I have. That is paying off in spades now, especially with the OA on top of everything else.

    I was lucky with work as I was self-employed so could tailor thngs to suit, again all part of my grand coping plan. I retired at the age of 56 after a double carpal tunnel op. I always try to look up and out, there is nothing more dull than being self-absorbed or being in the company of one who is. I am also enjoying a touch of schadenfreude with my peers beginning to feel the outrageous effects of their physically very active lives catching up with them. Oh the weeping and wailing that they have aches and pains after walking for four solid hours: most amusing! DD

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    Hi @Lizp333 ,

    I know what you mean about pain first thing in the morning. You might already do this but I certainly found it made a difference if I got up a bit earlier for work (difficult for me to do though as I'm always last-minute!) so that I didn't have to rush around and could sit for a while with a cup of coffee while my body got used to being up . Taking things slowly seemed to help get me moving with less pain. I also find it helps if I take painkillers while I'm still in bed - about half an hour before I get up.

    Good news that you have a supportive employer, that must make such a difference.

    Well done for not wanting to accept your situation - I'm sure your positivity will benefit you and this forum has a lot of helpful and encouraging members to support you. All the best, Anna

  • Lizp333
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    Hi Anna
    Thank you so much for your reply. I do generally wake up a bit earlier and have a coffee, however I stay in a prone position. I think I will aim to sit with my feet on the floor, giving my body that additional change to getting accustomed to movement. I will take pain killers when I wake too. I have butec patches but do take naproxen in the morning and evening too.
    Great suggestions and i will let you know how i get on xx