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I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis as a child resulting in my hip locking and needing a operation to sort it. At 58 years old l needed to have a hip replacement. That was 6 years ago now and since the lockdown, l’ve plucked up enough courage to go out on my bike again. Not far but l try to do it every day if it’s not too windy! How has other people coped? Has anyone else had juvenile arthritis? I was 6 years old when it started. It was called ‘Stills Disease’ then.


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    Hi Eva and welcome to the Versus Arthritis forum.

    I have friends in a similar situation as yourself with RA who have been/are still reluctant to venture out. If you are to go out then I think that cycling has to be one of the safest forms of exercise and great for your mental well-being. Pretty windy this weekend though!

    I’m sure that other forum members will be able to share their coping experiences with you.

    I don’t know if you’ve visited our main website but there’s a host of information there that might be worth your while browsing

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    I hope you receive some useful feedback.

    Best Wishes

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    Hi @Eva

    Yes there are people on here who had Juvenile Arthritis at least one who had it called called stills disease too.

    Not me though i was lucky enough to reach adulthood before it found me.

    Go you getting out on your bike. I keep looking at mine and am thinking I really must....I think you might just have inspired me to have a go!

    Now you've introduced yourself why don't you come along in and join in? We have a pets corner (if you have any pets) and a gardening thread even a virtual café all welcome.