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hi i have osteoarthritis in my hip and its getting to the point of driving me insane with the constant never relenting pain 24/7 .i can't sleep very well as it wakes me up then moving is great pain .. i find it hard to climb stairs,walk with out a stick,and getting in and out of a car is near impossible the pain is relentless.i am on 30mg cocodemol tablets which i can take in pairs as and when needed but it does nothing .... im at my whits ends


  • Mike1
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    I know how you feel, I have widespread OA and associated problems and am in constant pain despite being on morphine; 2-3 hours kip a night; use crutches indoors and a powered wheelchair elsewhere. Regrettably people will tell you that there is nothing which totally gets rid of the pain, merely knock the edge off. I often scream or swear or both with the pain but luckily I live on my own with my cat and she is used to it. Find something that you like doing to help distract you from the pain, it is not easy.

  • Sullee
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    im just want the feeling my testicles haven't been 9 rounds with a boxer
  • Blossom
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    Hi Sullee,

    I also have osteoarthritis in my hips. I take Anadin joint pain/co codemol and also take vitamin D, turmeric, cod liver oil. I have just found this '5kind Hemp Active Gel' which I use in the morning and evening, I have only just started to use it but it seems to ease the pain. I have also found this 'Escape Pain' which is a 6 week exercise course.

    I hope some of this is helpful to you.

    Take care

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    Just wanted to offer sympathy, I can relate to everything you say and am pretty close behind you (apart from the testicles issue that is 😁). Mine just gets worse every day. I’m dreading going back to work once the world gets going again. It’s got so bad I can’t do the exercises my physio has recommended, I do my best to ignore it and get on with life as best I can, and try to inject a bit of joy into each day to make the suffering in getting out of the house worthwhile, it really is pants though