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Hello another Newbie with very painful hands


  • Ellen
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    Hi Crab

    It's lovely to meet you and welcome you to the Versus Arthritis Online Community. It's not easy coping with pain in our hands we need them so much.

    I am attaching some information on the subject I hope it will help:

    Take care


  • dreamdaisy
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    Hello, I have painful hands too, not much fun, is it? Is is just your hands? Is it OA? DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
  • Lilymary
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    Hi, and welcome. This is a lovely group, I'm so glad I found them. I'm sorry to hear your hands give you so much trouble, that must be really tough to bear. I hope it doesn't stop you doing the things you enjoy, or need to do, too much. I remember my lovely Granny had terrible RA, her hands were so swollen and painful, bless her. She never complained, despite being crippled by it and in constant pain. She used to come an stay with us sometimes, and spent the last few months of her life with us. I remember she used to melt wax into a huge pan and soak her hands in it for pain relief. I used to join in (I must have been about 11?) and we'd sit there giggling peeling all the wax off again. I don't suppose they do that any more.

    It seems I've inherited the arthritis gene (it skipped a generation with my mum), and I now know from my own experience why it used to take her so long to get up the stairs, and how she dreaded it.

    Feel free to chat, moan or ask questions. That's what this site it for.