How did your RA start? Awaiting diagnosis

Hi, I would really appreciate some advice. 3 months ago I experienced a numb tingly arm on & off for a few days & then one morning woke up with shoulder pain such that I couldn't lift it. The next day it was the other arm & the next my ribs ached. I figured I was coming down with something & felt a bit fuzzy-brained - failing at simple tasks. Over the next 3 months I got worse almost daily but the swelling & pain is now mainly in my wrists, fingers (rings no longer fit over knuckles), feet & knees. I have had several visits to the GP & a blood test for the usual markers which came back normal so am now on a waiting list to see a rheumatologist but this could be a very long wait as no appointments are being made.I am in my early 30s so at first thought it was a bit of a lingering virus but this seems too long & all the symptoms match with RA. Did anyone else have pain that started like this with all the switching & so suddenly? I am struggling with work (I work in a lab & it hurts to pipette or unscrew bottles) & driving & though painkillers are helping I wake up dreading what new pain I might have. It's really affecting me mentally. Please help.


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    Thanks @Anna, it's really helpful to hear from people with similar problems and read about how they manage their pain. It makes me feel less lonely in this very unprecedentedly lonely time :)