Getting the balance right for exercising (Knee feeling swollen)

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I'm 42 and got diagnosed with tri-compartmental osteoarthritis about a year ago. The xray showed it was quite mild, so physio said I should work on strengthening my quad muscles so that it helps lessen the impact and I should be ok to get back to running in a few months. That never happened as it has given me pain when I overdo things.

I'm a bit overweight and have been trying to go walking with the kids, it seems a little amble (2 or 3 slow miles) makes my knee swell the next day. Should I be resting it then? So I'm doing one day walking, one day resting? Or should I be doing more often but with shorter distance? I'm just struggling with getting the balance right so would appreciate some advice as I'm frustrated at lack of exercise then I do something and the swelling the next day doesn't seem good.

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    I find getting the right balance difficult too. I’ve got awful OA in my hip, awaiting a new one. I need to lose a bit of weight but I can’t even do the indoor exercises my Physio suggests as they hurt too much. let alone any serious exercise. I can occasionally do a gentle 3 mile level walk, (steep hills and steps are agony) but it’s painful all the way and I have to use a stick (which also hurts due to a wrist injury incurred during the fall that triggered my OA flaring up and reaching this level). I’m basically just trying to tough it out and do what I can backed up by anti-inflammatories and co-codamol, a TENS machine (which helps just a little) and resting after each excursion, but I still only feel I can manage say 2 walks a week max.
    Have a word with your doc re pain relief, and talk it through with a good physio on how to get the balance right. Once the virus crisis has gone, you may find non weight bearing exercise like swimming (or cycling?) might help.