Waiting on surgery

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Hi I’m Darren I’m 47 I’m currently waiting for surgery oh my ankle it’s at stage 4 post traumatic oesteoarthritis and I’m having a fusion which is delayed due to the ongoing pandemic but although I’m managing to keep exercising and keep my weight down I’m constantly experiencing severe pain and struggle to motivate myself some days which leads to depression and anxiety and low self esteem I eat all the correct foods and use hot/cold treatment I’m on the highest dosage of pain relief which some days don’t even touch the sides I’m unable to work now due to not been good on my feet but I try each day to walk and cycle and do weights but some days have to really excel myself to push through the pain ive always been very active and I struggle to cope with this lifestyle change but I’m really wanting this surgery done so badly as some days I’m scaling the walls I know the recovery from this is a long one but I’m preparing myself and just want to try get my life back pain free