Shooting/Nerve pain in spine.

Good Morning,

I have woken up this morning around 5 with shooting pains going from the bottom of my foot straight through to the base of my neck. It feels a bit like someone has attached a battery to me and is send electric shocks through me.

I have OA in my knee, spine , hips and neck. Now i get this once in a while in it last for a few days, has anybody else ever had this happen before?

I'm all ready taking amitriptyline for nerve problems, as well as the usual suspects to deal with pain and movement


  • Fran
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    Hi there. i do sympathise with you. i have sharp shooting pains in my ankles all the time. i to wake up during the night with pain going up my legs. i have tried gabapentin and pre gabapentin to no avail. doc is going to try me on new tabl. Does amitriptyline help with your nerve pain.

  • Ellen
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    @historynut apologies for hijacking your thread to welcome @Fran to the Online Community.

    Fran you are very welcome I see your first two posts are supporting members which is lovely. Please do join in wherever you wish everyone is very friendly.

    Best wishes


  • historynut
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    Hi, @ellen no worries it's OK.
    @fran yeah I do take. Amitriptyline, I've had my dose increased this week to try and sort it out, desperate for sleep at the moment.
  • Fran
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    Do they help you. I found they didnt help me. Im struggling to get any relief at moment. also gabapentain didnt help either. made my balance bad.

  • Crookesey
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    It’s not the same as your problem, but I suffer horrendous calf cramp attacks when I’m in bed. I’ve all but mastered leg positioning and how to react quickly to an attack, the bad news is that I’ve had to get used to sleeping on my back, any other position gives me zero time to get onto my back to counter a cramp attack.

  • historynut
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    Hello all,

    thanks for all the responses, it seemed to last three days in the end, it was an OA flare up, it wiped me out properly for three days, and i couldn't walk properly (quite common for me when it gets bad).

    @Fran Amitriptyline, im on 60mg per night, i take that with co-codamol (mine gets bad while im sleeping) and the combination seems to knock me out cold in the right circumstances.

    @Crookesey I have nights when i can find the perfect postion, then other nights when im lucky to get three hours because of just being uncomfortable. Ive found that its like a coin toss, for example lastnight, i kept waking up and today, im in agony with my lower back, and my knee is aching.

  • Fran
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    Thanks histroynut, i will ask my doc if i can try Amitriptyline.