Week Ending 29th May

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People came out for the 10th Thursday in a row to support carers during the current pandemic, perhaps for the last time. This could be the last clap until next year and it may be that clapping for the NHS will become an annual event.

1. Share Your Story

We’re looking for people with arthritis to share their pregnancy stories with us in a short video. If you’d like to share your experiences, do get in touch: content@versusarthritis.org, we’d love to hear from you.

2. Coronavirus and Shielding

With the new arrangements for coming out of lockdown being announced, the consequences for those who have been issued a letter to shield for 12 weeks has risen to the top in our Covid-19 Category.

The lack of detailed support from the government for those shielding is now the subject of an open letter today calling for UK Governments to publish clear, consistent advice on ‘shielding’ measures for ‘extremely vulnerable’ people to ensure they protect themselves and can access support as lockdown eases. Read the full article here.

Latest government guidance is available from 18th May. Our Covid-19 (Coronavirus) information page will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

3. Be Kind

We featured in the News last week an article on Angharad, who is 26 and is currently studying at home in Swansea. She was diagnosed with SAPHO syndrome (a chronic condition that affects the skin, bone, and joints) two years ago but has had symptoms from the age of 15, which she has struggled at times to manage.

Mental health and anxiety have been a huge part of Angharad’s journey with arthritis. We spoke to her about experiencing the unknown, how that made her feel, times when she felt at her lowest, and how she overcame these difficult periods to achieve her goals. Do read the full article if you have missed it previously.

4. Jobs For People With Arthritis

A thread that appeared just last night caught the attention in that it asks a very simple question:

Does anyone know if there is any help for people who have arthritis getting into employment?

Appropriate links for help have been signposted but we are asking our membership if there is any knowledge of local support that we could feature.

5. We Are Undefeatable

If you’re social distancing and able to leave the house for exercise, the outdoors provides more than a bit of fresh air – it provides a huge variety of ways to get moving, and a great change of scene at the current time.

The We Are Undefeatable campaign has some great ideas on moving more outdoors.

Stay safe and stay well.