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Lack of clear lockdown plans for vulnerable people is leaving millions at risk

BrynmorBrynmor Posts: 910 admin

Today we're joining a group of charities to ask the government for clear, consistent advice and support for those who are shielding and those who are vulnerable as lockdown measures ease. Read our joint letter and what we're collectively asking of the government:


  • webmanwebman Posts: 10

    You could also ask them for any plans they have for reinstating none urgent NHS scans and interventions for the people who are shielding. At least that would give us some comfort knowing when this is going to happen. I know It is different for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but they should be addressing these isssues as well.

  • I’ve recently received a communication from our city council informing me that I am on their vulnerability list and am eligible for ‘a weekly box of basic supplies’, ‘priority supermarket deliveries’, and “help with basic care needs”, I have also been told to stay home.

    They haven’t got second sight, so my hospital rheumatology dept must have informed them of my details, my gut feeling is that they put two and two together and came up with three hundred and thirty. When the serial hypochondriacs come a knocking they won’t know what has hit them, and they can’t just undo this, can they?

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