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37 year old RA sufferer here.

It’s wonderful to discover the community. I have suffered from RA since the age of 15. I was only diagnosed at the age of 34, unfortunately at an earlier age doctors had not attributed my inflammation to RA, probably because I was just too young.

I started with plaquenil but had an allergic reaction (Skin discolouration) and now I am taking 20mg methotrexate weekly, which has subdued my inflammation by about 30% over the last 2 years.

I’m fortunate that I don’t suffer daily, it comes and goes. I notice more intense flare ups when too much stress is applied to my body and joints I.e. a gym workouts or a long working day. Most of my joints will flare up, fingers, elbow, shoulder, knee, feet. It improves after a good nights sleep, but can be stressful when you wake up and realise you can’t do the activities you planned such as yoga or gym.

I’m eager to discover how many of you deal with your symptoms and also contribute by offering my own feedback. I’m optimistic there will be advanced treatments that will significantly improve the ability for our bodies to manage arthritic symptoms, in the meantime I hope we can all find something that works best for us.

wishing you all the best of health.



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    Hi @Sebastion_H and welcome to the Online Community, it's good to have you here.

    Glad to hear that methotrexate is having a good effect in controlling your rheumatoid arthritis. The flare ups, when they come, can be dreadful - perhaps a slightly more moderate exercise regime? 😃

    Do join in across the Community, adding your own advice and support from personal experience, ask questions or call in for a chat to let us know how you are getting on.

    All best wishes


  • Sebastion_H

    Thank you for the welcome @Brynmor.

    Yes, reducing intensity will also reduce the flare ups, but I am determined to live my ideal life.

    One of my discussions and considerations with my rheumatologist is to add a biologic. I have no other health issues, therefore I am hopeful there wouldn’t be any significant side effects, but obviously the risk remains, especially with COVID-19 lingering.

    I’ve noticed so far from the community that there is such a broad range of symptoms and intensity, so each person will have their own experience with medication and its efficacy. It appears the approach is one of trial and error until individuals find the right combination for them.

    I’m still on my journey to remission and have lots more experimenting to do and learning what my body reacts to.

    I look forward to sharing this with the community.

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    Sebastion that is spot on!

    Trial and error taking time to find the right combination of medication for each of us as we are all individuals. It's definitely not one size fits all.

    Keeping fit and healthy though as much as possible is good for all of us.

    Biologics might be the way forward for you, but with COVID I can see the risk you mention.

    I hope you decide to hang about and give us your input.

  • Sebastion_H

    I hope so too Toni xxx.

    I’ll give it a little more time to assess the COVID situation and research the optimum biologic for me, although I see marginal differences in their efficacies.