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I saw your site and know I will find tips on how you find relief of OA. Thought I would tell you My history and what helps me also. ... Some is through years of nursing. Some just cuz' I have a serious injury and OA pulse much soft tissue damage.
My father was a sportsman- running, baseball, golf, swimming. I can remember about age 10-12 him saying he needed to 'loosen up' before doing some diving..😳. I did not understand at that age. Mom not as athletic but much walking/golf. She also had OA as age does to most of us but not too bad. I was also extremely active/fit and participated in most sports. (I would shame the boys by climbing far highest in trees😁). The majority of sports was riding competitively dressage/cross country. I took racehorses off the track and retrained. I have no injury that caused long term damage from the horses. I was a nurse in 'units'- ICU, Cardio Thoracic Recovery, ER, High Risk Labor/Delivery. Obviously much lifting over the years and on my feet 12, maybe 16 hours at a time. Yes- my back hurt at days end but would be ok after a night sleep. Many years ago a 500 pound patient threw me against a wall, breaking C4,5,6. L5. Much soft tissue damage. At that time I had my first ever spine studies which shoes severe DDD and a spine of an 80 year old. I was 45 years old! I have had 3 surgeries over 20 years. First one saved my life. I am very reserved about 'this will fix ya up' surgery attitude. My work changed as I am very limited in what I can lift and hours on my feet now. Only worked very limited part time after that. I am now in mid 60's and retired.
My Neuro surgeon was killed in a plane crash and I have moved a couple times in past few years. Finding a GOOD/EXCELLENT neuro surgeon is difficult in Florida at best. (USA) healthcare is a money maker I am ashamed to say, not skilled/best patient interest at best. Seems most pain control Dr's are pill pushers/want to insert devices that deliver meds that do have long term damage to our body.
After 19 years of oral pain meds I decided to stop them. My liver/kidney labs were getting elevated. Luckily I was not the 'addict type' and was off 30mg oxy 3x/day in 2 weeks. Plus muscle relaxers.
I take 1 extra strength acetaminophen about noon and 1 naproxen sodium at bedtime. I do not even like taking theses routinely so if I have an 'ok' day I do not take them. Sometimes I have to take a second pill but try not to- taking drugs which seem as 'simple/safe' as these can do irreversible damage.
Yes- my pain is worse alot of the time- especially mornings. I must MAKE myself move right away and that helps tremendously. As always, I walk. And walk... and walk. 🏃🏃🏃 It releases endorphins most of the time. Increases muscle to support your body. (I walk fast) after warming up. I have had large dogs all my life- Dane's, Rottie's, now a Black Mouth Cur. Some small dog breeds don't appreciate a really long walk. Get a BIG DOG _ an active breed that NEEDS exercise or it will eat your couch- that helps motivation to walk with the dog!! My back's best friend is my Tens unit that I have used for 20 years. I did take me awhile to find the trick of getting relief from it. I do not use it for 20 minutes as rehab did- I use it for HOURS at a time. It can completely stop pain that meds did not. (use the contractor/long term use patches) . And the dog....who NEEDS to get out... OR ELSE...👺💥
Oh- Make certain you are using placement of patches correctly and direction of leads correctly. Use 4 patches at a time- we usually have pain in more than 1 place.
My worst 'addiction' is sweets- as in cookies/cake/juice. Of course sugar is proven to be inflammatory- RATS!!! I have cut much out of my diet. Not perfect but 70% better. I walk/bike (with a feet forward type bike- not a recumbent bike. Trek brand) to maintain weight control. I do both on even surfaces- uneven trails cause pain. Every 10 pounds overweight you are is equal to approximately 110 POUNDS of pressure on your spine. 30 pounds overweight?? That puts over 300 pounds of added pressure on your spine!😳 I am aiming for 15 pounds off- thin, yes but less pressure on the discs on spine. (Pray for me please- REALLY HARD!). This is going to be a challenge. I joined a gym The Zone. It is clean and I can do light versions of exercises that make my muscles stronger which in turn supports my spine and other affected joints. In airconditioning!! I use ear buds to listen to music. LOUD. It distracts me when walking hurting or when I do yard work. Crawl as much as you can in the garden- easier than constantly bending over or getting up and down repeatedly. ONE glass of wine in the evening. ICE packs on my back when I sleep. Rarely heating pads. ICE for inflammation. It is still cold in the morning. Don't stay sitting or in bed too long. One position is not kind to you.
Of course I want to find out what helps others- which proteins you avoid. Which proteins you use. Which foods. Anything!
Good to meet you!


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    Hi Sunny

    Welcome to the forum, wow you have a lot going on in your life at the moment and your story is very interesting. You will find others on this forum with just as interesting story's everyone is very friendly and sympathetic people who will help you feel very welcome to the forum the most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat and Vals cafe.

    Hope all goes well with you Christine

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    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Sunny

    What an amazing post! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us your story! So much f what you said is me too.

    I also have DDD amongst other issues and if I can't walk I certainly know about it. I do not have a dog though (we have a pets corner in 'Chit chat' I would love to see a pic of your dog) I have a cat. We will get one one day, but not a big one l fear if that dog needed lifting l couldn't do it?

    Guess what? My back 'went' in Florida lost one leg it was dead (ok now-ish) of all places and although I was taken in and all the tests were done (plenty of money) and evil tablets prescribed they apparently found nothing!

    When I got home I had another MRI found a fracture and two super bulgy discs (70%) had surgery a month later after some inflammation had gone down. I felt that the hospital in Florida just wanted our money.

    Anyway enough criticising your healthcare system! Come on into the forum and join us we are a nice friendly bunch of people.