Psoriatic arthritis and being a parent

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Hi all I got diagnosed at 30 with psoriatic arthritis, ankerlosing spondylitis and Achilles tendonitis. I'm now 34. I started on sulphazaline (think that's how you spell it) but it wasn't successful so I started on methotrexate injections. We all know the side effects and the risks around being pregnant however I wasnt given a pregnancy test and had no reason to believe I was pregnant no signs or symptoms and on contraceptive pill. I found out nearly 5 weeks after I started methotrexate i was pregnant. I was devastated. We had a scan which stated I was nearly 18 weeks pregnant. We saw various consultants was advised of the risks. We were told I had started methotrexate after 12 weeks of pregnancy so they were unsure what effect this would have on baby. I was advised to terminate. We eventually saw a high risk consultant who did alot of research (there is very little on healthy babies born after been exposed)
I was scanned and told baby looked healthy. We took it week by week was scanned every week and monitored 3 times a week. Baby was doing good. At 33 weeks baby wasnt showing much growth was decided at 34 weeks baby was born. We were told there would be a team of doctors waiting for baby as they were unsure how baby would be. Baby was born on 13th June 2018 was looked over by doctors and then placed on my chest. We had a beautiful baby girl apart from being tiny she was absolutely perfect all the worries had disappeared. We now have a nearly 2 year who is developing exactly as she should be and is beyond perfect.
We have 4 girls now and I have days I struggle with the pain mainly in my hands, back, feet and hips. Do any of you do any exercises that help? I'm currently shielding with my family and boy it's hard going. Feels theres no end some days. Feels alittle bit like the shielded have been forgotten does anyone else feel like this xx