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Hi, I've just registered so I can hopefully get some support from others who are in the same boat as me. I have psoriatic arthritis and I'm using Benepali. Beginning to feel quite anxious and confused about the relaxation of restrictions. I've been strictly social distancing since mid-March and my last letter would mean I'm isolating until mid- July. Not heard any different from my Rheumatology team so don't want to ease up what we're doing as a family. I've been pretty resilient so far but this is now making me worried. Is anyone else feeling the same way? 1st time I've posted in a forum, so apologies if this isn't appropriate. Thanks in advance.


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    Hi @JoL

    Thanks for becoming a member of the online community, and thank you for choosing us as your first forum!

    You are worried about what you should be doing now as a result of the latest relaxations of the lockdown rules. Here's the place to look to see if you are doing the right thing

    So if you are taking Benapali (active drug Etanercept) and that's all you are doing what you should.

    with the latest information the rules have relaxed but it is absolutely appropriate for you to continue as you are if that is what you feel is best. You can also contact your rheumatology team for advice I'm sure lots of people are doing just that.

    Keep posting, you may find this category helpful to you

    You are doing really well and caring for yourself and your family, that's the most important thing you can do

    Take care

    Yvonne x

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    Hello, I am in a similar boat. I am childless, retired, have PsA and inject methotrexate weekly and humira fortnightly. I have been shielding since 05 March (I began so doing without being told and received letters in April) and have agreed with my husband that I will continue to do so until there is a vaccine. The relaxation of lockdown is for others to enjoy and my husband will up his preventative actions accordingly. We will stick to one fortnightly food shop which he does and I will stay within our property and the back garden. This causes me no anxiety and I am fully prepared not to re-engage with the world for some considerable time as yet. What is slightly trying, however, is the thought of managing the expectation of friends thinking that because their lives are resuming mine will be too.

    My husband fully supports my decision which is quite something as it has affected his life. He is willing not to resume social activity until I can and is more anxious as he fears unwittingly infecting me. I am more phlegmatic: if I get it despite all our precautions then I get it but if I get it due to my own impatience / stupidity then that is unforgivable after all our efforts of the past three months. DD

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