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I think this part is the most difficult part of joing any forum. So here goes, I live in Scotland and have being diagnosed with FND (Google it, it's quicker) and arthritis which seems to getting worse by the week, especially my hands, hips, spine and ankles. It's difficult as I make models and smaller parts are increasingly difficult to handle and the FND with its surprise jerking makes model making a trial of patience and temper, in fact everything some days tries the patience of a Saint Anyway that's it for now 😀


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    Hello @Parageiss a warm welcome to the Versus Arthritis Online Community from me.

    I have to agree introducing yourself is probably the most difficult part of joining any forum, but you've done it now 🙂 The members are very nice and supportive and will be very pleased to have you aboard

    Your advice about googling FND was very wise thank you.

    I can imagine making models with sore hands is tricky enough without adding in the FND.

    Please do have a look around and join in wherever you wish you will be very welcome.

    Take care


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    Hi, I have widespread OA which affects my hands amongst everything else. I too like making models and am currently working on an N Gauge train layout. I have problems holding the little bits and bobs, painting etc and find it really frustrating as I can only manage 10 minutes or so at a time. I have an assortment of "helping hands" with crocodile clips on the ends, one in particular has adjustable arms about 9 inches long with clips at the end and a magnifying glass which I find useful, it clips to the side of my wooden work tray which sits on my lap that I got off EBay. I also have a pair of magnifying specs with an in-built light which fit over the top of my existing specs which I find useful. We can't put advertising links on the forum so if you want details of where to get the items from feel free to email me.

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    Thank you both, I have been on many forums but have found many people are like in a competion of who has it worse, oreho takes the most meds it's really off-putting so I am weary when joining forums but looking round I feel that this is a warm place to be. 😀
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    Hiya, I hate introducing myself as well, it always seems so forced. I love that you and @Mike1 both make models tho - I don't make them but I do paint them, and it's something I really enjoy. I too use a couple of aids, even tho my hands are currently pretty ok. There's never a reason not to use them. My favourite is a big magnifier with two adjustable clips coming off it, which is perfect to hold something perfectly still for long periods (such as waiting for glue to dry) as well as when painting small, fiddly areas.

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    Hi Parageiss, I know how you feel. Sometimes I feel like I have survivors guilt, so many people are very much worse off than me, but everyone here has been very understanding and supportive, and they’ve really helped me to adjust to my recently diagnosed condition, which came as something of a shock (the diagnosis, not people being nice !). This is a good place to ask questions or just have a moan or a chat.