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Hi everyone
I’m Darren I’m just wondering if there’s any better pain relief than co-codomol 30/500 I have severe post traumatic oesteoarthritis of the ankle from an injury 19 years ago I’m just waiting on surgery for a ankle fusion I’m doing exercise on a daily basis walking cycling weights and I’m eating really well and I’m in pretty good shape and does a world of good for my mental wellbeing as I suffer from anxiety and depression it’s also lead that I’m unable to work to which is a huge shock to the system adapting to the lifestyle from a real busy one to having pretty much all day to myself but i really have to push to get going through a lot of pain but okay once going but in the down time and I’m resting does the pain really set in it’s unbearable at times especially with putting weight on I use hot/cold gel packs strapped around my ankle which helps with the throbbing I take the highest dosage of co-codomol but most of the time it’s never strong enough which affects my sleep and mood does anyone know of a stronger medication that can be described ?




  • Mike1
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    You need to see your GP mate, there are numerous drugs out there some of which work better than others but none in my experience that really get rid of pain.

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    Hi Darren

    I am in the same situation as you and had all consultant apts cancelled as you will have had. I had a telephone conversation with my GP and they prescribed over the phone. I take Naproxen now, it helps a bit but as Mike said above it doesn't really get rid of it. They prescribed it along with a stomach protector as it can be a problem. I would set up a phone consultation to review your pain relief. Good luck!

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    Thanks for your reply I’ve tried most anti-inflammatory tablets but didn’t really do much I also was getting a streriod injection once a year which were great the first 2-3 but I’m at a point where the last one wasn’t effective so I’m at the last stage fusion operation but in the mean time I’m just taking co-codomol which dulls the pain but I try to do a walk in a morning which I achieve most morning or either do some inside cycling or outdoor cycling along with a weight bar circuit but when I settle and rest for a while my ankle stiffens up and is really painful to put full weight on again I got one of the pads which you put your feet on Ian botham advertises on TV which is very helpful but pain comes back after I’ve finished think I’ll just have to put up with it for the time being until operation I’ll try get a GP pain management review I can’t see getting an operation this year just have to keep pushing through with a daily exercise routine and rest the afternoon

    Thanks for your reply

    Take care and hope you get your surgery soon

  • Airwave!
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    NSAIDs are a short term aid, not for long term use and its side affects are not good, stomach issues, osteoporosis issues for those afflicted etc.

    There are pain killers out there that do work, you’ll get arrested for having them and ruin your life using them and even they have a short term use until you need higher doses.

    Exercise and painkiller use are all a matter of degree, rest, some exercise and some painkillers but not lots of everything. It’s just a cycle which needs to be broken. Talk to your GP, search this website, talk to the helpline, it’s all there to help you, there is no one answer for everyone.

    its a grin, honest!

  • Lilymary
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    I’m on 30/500 cocodamol, naproxen and omeprazole to protect my stomach fom the naproxen. It only takes the edge off the pain at best, but I can’t bear to think what it would be like if I didn’t take them at all, as some days it’s still awful despite the pills. Waiting for the NHS to kick start again for steroid injection and hip replacement. I’m lucky, at least this condition is operable, but I reckon my other leg joints are queuing up for their turn in the limelight.

  • Crookesey
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    Up to having to give up running in my mid 50’s I had a lifetime of sports related injuries/aches and pains, however I never imagined that these would help me to deal with my current R/A related discomforts. I struggle to exit low seating so I now watch TV, read and use my computer from a stool in our very spacious kitchen/conservatory, I drive an SUV and have re designed the garden to suit my disabilities. I take long dog walks every morning, I watch my weight, take my medication and grit my teeth when the pains come a knocking, after all there’s a cemetery close to my home, full of folk who I’m sure would love to be as ill as me.