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Osteoarthritis in both feet

I have been suffering with osteoarthritis in both of my feet for many years in 2012 I had 1st MTP joint fusion internal fixation which has helped reduce the pain in my right foot, in 2014 I started getting pain in mid of my left foot had scan and x-rays but nothing came them and then in 2018 I got to see a foot and ankle specialist and got diagnosed with OA in my left foot collapsed arch and tendon damage and difomaty in my foot, i then had two separate steroid injections into my left foot which helped first injection lasted about 5 months and second injection only lasted 4 weeks of pain relief I have a further two steroid injections last year in April by pain specialist which worked well and lasted 9 months but I have pain back to pre injection level and currently waiting for more injections I am currently managing the pain with Non steroidal anti inflammatory painkillers two types, also have medication for high blood pressure, I find it's best to keep my feet moving and also have breaks as well and having the correct balance helps me through each day as I am only in my early 40s I have look after my feet and keep my feet working but I also know when I need breaks which helps me through the day.


  • MoWWMoWW Posts: 32 mod

    Hi Christian,

    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing pain again in your foot. I have added a link to our website on exercise for foot pain, I appreciate this may be difficult for you to keep as active as you would like. I hope this is of help.



  • Hi Mo, thanks for your message yes I kind of have pain/ aching tingling/discomfort in my feet but I keep taking my medication and do excersises and keep as active as possible, thanks for the link this will help me as well, thank you.

  • Hi Mo, I have ordered some new footwear called Airtox made in Denmark, all new technologies and a Scandinavian wide fitting shoes which are relatively expensive in the hundreds I have had Airtox shoes already and they are very comfortable and great wide fitting shoe/trainer which are great for my feet because of the AO in both of my feet, highly recommended.
  • Hi Christian78

    Thanks for your post to the Helpline. When you are trying to self-manage your osteoarthritis, as well as keeping moving, it's also helpful to eat a balanced diet. If you are overweight, anything you can do to lose through healthy eating would be positive.


    I may have misunderstood, but you mentioned using two anti-inflammatories, and it may not be advised to use two kinds (if they are both tablets). For more about this, speak to your pharmacist or doctor. These drugs can also put up blood pressure, so using the lowest possible dose for the shortest possible time is generally advised.


    All the best

    Guy, Helpline Team

  • Hello help line I am unable to log out of the forum??.
    Please can you log me out.
  • AnnaAnna Posts: 48 mod

    Hi @Christian78

    Do you mean you want to leave the forum site? If so, you just need to click on your avatar in the top right hand corner and then scroll down to 'sign out'.

  • Hi help line apparently there was a problem with the software this is why I couldn't sign out, but it is sorted out now.
    Sorry I only take one anti inflammatory painkillers.
    And I also take Nortriptyline 25mg a day for pain which was prescribed by my pain management specialist.

    Sorry for any miss understanding.


  • Hi John

    Thanks for letting us know. And if you'd like chat about your situation, do consider ringing us if you'd like to.

    all the best

    Guy, Helpline Team

  • Hi helpline, thanks for your message, if I need to I will call the helpline thanks.
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