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I'm nikki 44 yrs old,last year I was diagnosed with pailindromic arthritis,over the last few months I've lost the use of 3 fingers and while it was previously just effecting my hands it's now in my knees and ankles, my consultant is now looking at possible other types of arthritis I find it so frustrating as I was previously very active and now struggle, if be interested to get any helpful tips on minimising pain and keeping my joints loose




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    Hi @Nikki76

    welcome to the forum, it's good to have you here.

    You have been diagnosed with palindromic rheumatism, which has had an impact on your hands and now you are experiencing issues in your knees and ankles. You're looking for information and support to maintain some level of activity and to manage the pain.

    It would be worth exploring the information on our website, starting with palindromic rheumatism (although you may already have a lot of this information from your consultant). https://www.versusarthritis.org/news/2019/september/all-about-palindromic-rheumatism/.

    There is also information on management of pain, including exercises to cope with ankle and knee pain https://www.versusarthritis.org/about-arthritis/managing-symptoms/exercise/exercises-to-manage-pain/.

    And, hopefully, you'll find connections and support on the forum where others will be dealing with similar issues and will be happy to discuss how things have worked for them.

    Good luck and we look forward to seeing you in the forum.

    best wishes


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    Hello Nikki,

    I was diagnosed with Palendromic 'rheumatism' now called palendromic arthritis in 1980 after the death of my father. I have lived with it for years since then, and it 'comes and goes' as the name palendromic suggests. It can be extremely debilitating and I do feel for you just having it diagnosed

    The random effects of the different joints being painful are very upsetting, and I do understand your frustration at the uncertainty you must be feeling. For me, the 'one' joint pain starts gradually, then increases so i cannot use it all, in my case it can be ankle, wrist, elbows or knee; ibuprofen sometimes works, cold and heat can help, biofreeze gel can relieve pain for a little while too. As soon as the pain starts to decrease, you can feel it starting in another random joint and then that becomes the main focus of the pain. The only positive thing is that it can get less and will decrease with age ( I am now 72), and get flare ups only about every six months.

    I now suffer from osteoarthritis but have to keep going !!

    The important thing to remember is that family and friends must try to help you through this and with luck you will feel better soon.