Doing the double.

I can tell it's June because the central heating is on. My OA is having a snap as it is cold and damp and the PsA is unhappy due, I suppose, to pollen overload triggering my immune system to have a pop: my skin is rashy all over with breakouts of pustular psoriasis which manages to be both sore and sting at the same time. Fibro fog is also in evidence, all part of life's rich travesty. DD

Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben


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    Hi. Does pollen count have an effect on Pain? I know the pollen count has been high lately and iv been in a lot more pain recently.
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    Apparently allergies, whether seasonal or food-related, can affect joint pain. Allergy symptoms appear for a variety of reasons, but some symptoms — like joint pain — may occur because of the humidity and rapid temperature changes that accompany the spring season's rise in pollen levels.

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    Pollen has no effect on my joint pain for either the OA or PsA, it neither reduces nor aggravates it. It makes me sneezy and wheezy, despite my immuno-suppressant meds and inhalers but far less so than when I had neither (I had severe asthma before the invention of inhalers so know a bit about it).

    If I over-indulge in acidic foods or over-do things my OA pain is aggravated so those triggers are easily avoided. When the weather hits low pressure my OA pain is aggravated and there is naff all to be done about that. I have psoriatic arthritis but usually without the psoriasis so my skin errupting is unusual which leads me to suspect that my immune system is reacting to the annual pollen explosion.

    It is cold, dark and raining. Today I begin my next three months of shielding. Can life get any better? 😂 DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
  • Developed worsening arthritis in both knees. Now worsened by allergies the last few weeks. Treatment doctors, suggestions

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    Hi @Graffman3030

    Welcome to the online community where you'll find a friendly group of people who all live with different types of arthritis and are here to support each other.

    You say the arthritis in your knee is worsened by allergies. I’m sure there will be other community members who can share their experiences with you and help you through your journey. 

    You can find more information on knee pain on our website:

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    Hi @Graffman3030

    Nice to meet you.

    Some of us do find weather affects our arthritis. Often people struggle in wetter colder weather.

    If your knees are getting worse maybe you will have to brave going back to your GP for further help. Not sure whether you've had recent imaging done or what pain meds your on. Even if you have seen a physio.

    As for the allergies I have them and am straight down to my pharmacist this time of year.

    Take care