Painful joint days

Hey everyone
Wow woke up today to a painful joint day neck shoulders elbows wrists hands knees back. I haven't done anything different. I have pain every day but not like this.
I know you guys will understand just feel so yuk and grumpy. So hard for others to understand. Or explain. I normally try and stay positive meditate take my drugs and tens machine walking stick n try and get on with the day. Seems these painful days are getting more often. How do others cope?
Sorry just struggling


  • Lilymary
    Lilymary Member Posts: 1,745

    Hi Tracie, sorry to hear you’re going through a rough patch, I’m afraid I can't offer much more than you are already doing, but I do find doing something absorbing helps take your mind off the pain and can make it fade into the background. If you don’t feel up to doing something physical, wrap up with a fluffy blanket on the sofa with a supply of your fav biccies and a box set or a good book, catch up with emails to friends, try a bit of mindfulness or meditation, do some crafting, whatever makes you relax and engage your brain. At a physical level, I find a bit of light gardening works for me, and also gets my body moving a bit so it doesn’t all lock up. (It can make the pain worse later in the evening admittedly, but at least I feel I’ve achieved something).