Shock pains in hip

Hello, the pain in my right hip has gone from what I describe as general pain to like electric shock pain, I hope you know what I'm talking about. I have OA in that hip, does anyone elses get this feeling ?
Thanks in advance


  • Lilymary
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    Yes I do, all I have to do is lean forward a fraction of an inch beyond some notional point dictated by my hip, and I feel like someone has sent an electric shock down my leg, ending with a burning feeling down my shin. Walking upstairs has the same effect, or trying to get into bed, which now feels like tackling an invisible obstacle course. I just swear at it and tell it to “pack it in”. It doesn’t work but it makes me feel better.

  • Inuitbiker
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    I'm not sure if its the same but last year if i moved the wrong way an intense pain would shoot through my whole leg which usually caused my leg to give way and i would end up on the floor. I think it mist have been a nerve been irritated/squeezed. The good news is I have not experienced that this year. It seems in my case that the pain from knee and hip arthritis is evolving almost daily.. While last year it was pain in the cold and intense episodes as described now it seems my whole leg is awash with pain most of the time. Its probably the same for many people.
    I hope your pain gets better.
  • Lilymary
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    Mine’s going the same way 😢