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Looking in the fridge when I took out an egg custard tart for breakfast I noted that I have a microwave fish pie for dinner this evening. I started sulking then as I genuinely can't remember the last time I had a proper cooked breakfast, come to think of it I can't remember when I had a proper roast dinner either and that includes xmas although I did manage to find a microwave turkey TV dinner which doesn't count! On the plus side Vixen's food looks more appealing today!


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    I've often thought my cats eat better than I do, always there, served on time! Yesterday was the first time I've had a proper cooked meal for months, My new cooker arrived and was connected on Monday, (having not had a cooker since the fire) I decided I would make a cake and have a roast dinner, if I'd known I'd put one up for you Mike 😊

    Numps x
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    Me too please @numptynora

    So glad you have a cooker again and hopefully all recovered after the fire.

    @Mike1 My pussking definitely gets priority particularly when this lockdown started. Her food was essential on the shopping list before us. Mind you being veggie I wouldn't eat it 🤢

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    One packet of Felix is just the right size to slip into a sandwich!!