Hi, my name is Mark

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Hi, I thought I would introduce myself here.

I am a 34 year old and looking to join this community to get help and find some sanity in my suffering with pain that I have been having. I recently had a very bad flare and I have finally been put on Methotrexate to deal with the Psoriatic Arthritis(which they think it is).

Anyway, nice to be on here.

Mark x

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  • ajolly
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    Hi @mdunbavan, welcome!

    Thanks for introducing yourself, it is great to have you with us. I’m sorry hear you have been having a difficult time recently with a bad flare up. Hopefully the Methotrexate provides you with some relief.

    I am sure our members will soon jump in to share their advice regarding pain management. In the meantime, I’ve found two links from our website which you may find useful.

    The first has some general information on managing pain. The second is focused more specifically on psoriatic arthritis. The link has information on managing symptoms and some treatment options you may wish to discuss with your doctor.


    Please feel free to take a look around the forum and join in any of the discussions where you feel comfortable.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi Mark, this is such a good site. The information they provide is really detailed and helpful, on so many different issues affecting us, and the people on this forum are very friendly and have a wide range of conditions, so there's probably someone going through the same as you. I hope you're having a more comfortable day today.