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Hello all,

I was diagnosed with CPPD arthritis (acute) in one knee seven years ago. After two accute attacks, it's now chronic, and beginning in other joints. There seems to be very little info at Arthritis UK about this condition AND NO TAGGS!!!! WHAT DO WE DO TO GET TAGS ADDED???. I did find out today, however, that it has a cousin - CPPD tendonitis. I've had nine operations for tendon release in the last thirty years, and I wonder if this is why.

I can't take anti-inflamitories, and am now pretty much at the end of my tether. Can anyone recommend any specialist with an interest in CPPD - I was discharged from my local hospital and refused a second appointment to discuss Colchicine, but GP was told by hospital to prescribe it anyway, with strict instructions to stop if it upset my stomach, which it did, but now I understand that mild stomach upset is fine. Is that the case? If so - who can prescribe it for a second time? Back to GP or a specialist?

Thanks for reading.



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    Hi Hither

    Welcome to the forum, thanks for telling us your story,you are going through it at the moment is all I can say. Everyone on the forum understands about pain and arthritis everyone has some form of Arthritis so understand what you are going through. We are also very friendly and sympathetic people who will help you feel very welcome to the forum. If you wish to speak to a person you can ring our helpline on 0800 5200 520 there will be a friendly voice to help you in your queries.

    Meanwhile the forum is also welcoming just choose and start chatting

    All the best Christine

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