Hip operation

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Hi everyone, I hope you all are well this Saturday morning

I'm Linda just getting started with the forum/chat and saying hi to all ...I'm waiting a hip operation 😪anyone else waiting too ?


  • Lilymary
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    Hi Linda, I was diagnosed just after lockdown, so I’m at the back of the queue. 😢. Hoping for a guided steroid injection to keep me going, but no sign of that over the far horizon either.

  • LindaK
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    Hi Lilymary, nice to hear from you.

    I had a x-ray guided hip injection at the beginning of February , i was in hospital for best part of the day ,I was anesthetized for the procedure , sadly the injection only lasted a couple of days as i think my hip is too far gone now and really I need surgery ... I am on Morphine patches now as i have tried everything else. Covid 19 just come at the wrong time for a lot us i'm afraid.

    I hope you have better luck than me with your injection, and I hope you have it done soon ... chat to me anytime, i'm always here. Stay safe Linda🙇‍♀️

  • Lilymary
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    Thanks Linda, i’d heard the injection doesn’t work for all. 🙁 sorry you were one of those. My doc can’t put me on morphine patches as they clash with other drugs I’m on, so having to make do with cocodamol and naproxen, it just about keeps me functioning, but never pain free. I rang the clinic last week and they have:t the faintest idea when things will get going again.

  • Hi Linda

    I'm another one for whom neither of the two x ray guided steroid injections that I've had worked.

    My hip replacement operation was planned for March 26th so was, of course, cancelled until further notice. I've just rung up the Patient Advice and Liaison Service at my hospital (as they don't seem to be answering the phones anywhere else in the hospital) only to be told that they don't know when elective surgery will resume. Apparently it is under "constant review" so that's probably going to happen in a year's time then ! I'm very fed up, in a lot of pain and would "happily" pay the £13,500 to have it done privately if only I had the money to do that.

  • LindaK
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    Hi surreyseagull,

    yes that's all i get when i ring anywhere " constant review "

    I'm sorry your hip operation was canceled as i know how much pain and discomfort you are in.

    I've rang GP surgery today to up my Morphine for a stronger dose so i'll wait and see if they do.

    I have tried all avenues to get some answers to when routine surgeries are going to resume , i have emailed BBC Downing Street Covid 19 Updates "your questions " etc heard nothing back yet.

    I have emailed my local MP again today... watch this space.

    With the backlog now i don't see me getting my operation this year too, Ive been backwards & forwards to GP & hospitals for nearly three years "lets try this ...lets try that " I call it stalling.

    All the monies the Government have wasted it's a disgrace and I've told them too.

    Take care, stay safe, fed up Linda☹️