How has arthritis affected the way you eat?


Hi im Jamie im 22 years old and was diagnosed with RA 3 months ago currently on sulfasalazine.

i just wanted to post on here and ask how arthritis has affected your diet? i have seen about different diets that are recommended to improve day to day life. Vegan is suggested and cutting out processed foods also mediterranean which seems a little easier. The thought of cutting that much meat out my diet is unnerving as i would normally eat meat most days if not every day.

have you drastically changed your diet or have you just made little changes?

Hope you are all safe and well


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    Hi Jamie,

    thank you and welcome to Versus Arthritis online forum. It can be difficult to know how to manage your condition when you are first diagnosed. You have come to the right place, I am sure you will receive plenty of replies and support with your query on how arthritis has affected your diet.

    You may find some of the information on our website about diet, RA and sulfasalazine of interest,

    Within Versus Arthritis we have local services and groups in some areas, at present many of this work has to be adapted due to Co-vid 19, however you can find out what is available in your area here,

    Additionally, if you wish to speak with someone, our Helpline is available

    I look forward to reading your posts in the future,


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    I can no longer peel/chop vegs or meat so rely on microwave ready meals! Hopefully you are not that bad.

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    Hi Jamie

    I am vegan/vegetarian anyway so can't help with your worry about potentially cutting out meat from your diet.

    It's sooooo easy these days there are so many many vegan /veg replacements out there. not all red lentils and soya milk!

    If you really want to try it my favourite ATM is beyond meat very good for people like my husband who wants to support me but still misses meat.

    That's what VA say about diet above.

    Personally though I think it's very individual and we should all approach changes to our diets carefully. I haven't eaten meat for decades, but always take a daily vegan multivitamin.

    A quick 'search' on here gave me these comments on the subject:

    I will be interested to read what you decide to do.

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    I think going straight for vegan and bypassing vegetarian is a tough call, but you can ease yourself into veggie food slowly. I do eat meat, but love veggie food so wouldn’t miss meat all that much. But eating a healthy diet anyway has so many benefits for all round well being that it’s well worth doing, if you can (easier said than done if the actual physical processes of shopping and cooking are difficult for you).

    I’ve got OA, and am new myself to managing it. While not obese, I’ve decided losing some weight would help reduce stress on my joints, and so far I’ve lost 12 lbs since lockdown, just by cutting out alcohol and snack foods (biscuits, cake, crisps, sweets etc) and eating gradually smaller portions. I do allow myself the odd choccie biccie every now or then, or I’d go bonkers.

    But all the new pills my body is having to adjust to have also affected my appetite, and I gather washing down a handful of painkillers with a nice glass of Merlot would be frowned upon! So I’m eating a lot more fruit, have fizzy water with ice and lemon as my evening drink (with a huge stretch of the imagination you can almost pretend it’s a g&t), a few dried fruit and nuts instead of biscuits and crisps (high on calories but also good for minerals and vitamins), muesli for breakfast instead of toast and sugar laden jam, etc, just small adjustments like that. I’m not a health foodie, and never will be, but I can see that these small steps are helping me.