Foot pain


Hi there. Has anyone else experienced heal/arch/ankle pain with OA? I’ve had excruciating pain for 2 years in my foot & have tried exercises, painkillers/ice/heat-but without any relief. I asked my GP to refer me for a scan but was told I’d be refused by my local hospital as they’d say it was Plantar Faciilitis. I know the symptoms present as this, but the cause could be a degeneration of the foot bones, so unless a scan is done, how will I know?! I asked to be referred to an NHS podiatrist but was refused that as well, so Im having to pay privately, which is not right surely. I had a scan on my knee & that showed OA, so why cant they scan my foot? Has anyone else come up against this situation, and how did you deal with it. I cant work, but try to stay active around the condition if I can. It feels as though my GP/hospital is not taking the pain & debilitation of my arthritis seriously enough.