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Hello, I was diagnosed with RA a couple of years ago. Prior to this I was an active 60 year old. Although at first the pain, stiffness, and fatigue was sometimes intolerable, after a range of different medications my condition has improved considerably. I'm currently taking Imraldi and methotrexate subcutaneous injections. My condition has now reached a certain 'level' and although I'm always aware of it, particularly in my wrist, hand, knees and occasionally feet, it is liveable with. The one thing I am aware of is that my knees are always swollen and exercise consisting of lunges, squats, or anything where I put load on my knees is painful and uncomfortable - so I steer clear of these. However, I've carried on with my Pilates classes and seem to be fine if I avoid the load-bearing exercises. As a safeguard though, I do wear some knee supports though these aren't that comfortable. I've seen some supports which seem to have a gap where the patella bone is but offering support at the sides and back of knee. I think these would help as it is the pressing down at the front of the knee which I find uncomfortable. Has anyone used any of these supports with the gap at the front, or can anyone suggest any knee supports/braces that have particularly helped them? If so, would be great to hear from you. Nicola


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    Hello Nicky,

    welcome to Versus Arthritis online forum.

    You sound as if you are managing your condition well and have found an exercise that suits you. I am sure you will find our community will be able to help you with your query on leg supports.

    I have included in this post a few links which may be of help;

    Our free Helpline

    Information on knee pain

    Questions on knee braces and support

    You mention you do Pilates exercise which is great, our website also offers information on a range of other exercise that may be of interest.

    Tai chi and yoga

    I am sure you will find the support from our community helpful, and look forward to reading your posts.


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    I've had far too many years of RA and one thing I have learned, from several physios dealing with several joints is to wear any supports sparingly. We need strong muscles to support our joints. Using supports means that our muscles can take a rest. Sometimes, for short periods, that's useful but only for short periods not routinely. Exercises are essential but, as you've realised, not weight bearing ones. Versus Arthritis has a section on exercises for knees. Have a look and see what you think.

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    Thanks so much for your comments. Very useful. I know exactly what you mean about supports. I had one on my wrist for a while and it actually made my muscles waste away a bit. I don't wear it now. I just wanted the knee supports for that extra bit of support when I know I'm going on a long walk - especially over uneven ground which I find can jolt my knees and cause extra pain - but I wouldn't wear them all the time.