Knee supports

Hello, I was diagnosed with RA a couple of years ago. Prior to this I was an active 60 year old. Although at first the pain, stiffness, and fatigue was sometimes intolerable, after a range of different medications my condition has improved considerably. I'm currently taking Imraldi and methotrexate subcutaneous injections. My condition has now reached a certain 'level' and although I'm always aware of it, particularly in my wrist, hand, knees and occasionally feet, it is liveable with. The one thing I am aware of is that my knees are always swollen and exercise consisting of lunges, squats, or anything where I put load on my knees is painful and uncomfortable - so I steer clear of these. However, I've carried on with my Pilates classes and seem to be fine if I avoid the load-bearing exercises. As a safeguard though, I do wear some knee supports though these aren't that comfortable. I've seen some supports which seem to have a gap where the patella bone is but offering support at the sides and back of knee. I think these would help as it is the pressing down at the front of the knee which I find uncomfortable. Has anyone used any of these supports with the gap at the front, or can anyone suggest any knee supports/braces that have particularly helped them? If so, would be great to hear from you. Nicola