My arthritis is really getting to me!

I have osteoarthritis and it's affected pretty much my whole body.
My neck is especially bad at the moment. Sometimes it feels like my head is going to fall off (due to the weakness) and it's really not a good feeling!
It's making me tired as well and also miserable!
Can anyone relate to this ?


  • Lilymary
    Lilymary Member Posts: 1,619
    OA is awful. Mine isn’t as widespread as yours, but it’s bad enough. Sorry yours is so bad at the moment. Sending you a sympathy hug xx
  • Cagney69
    Cagney69 Member Posts: 9
    Thank you so much!
    I hope you're managing yours okay xx
  • Mike1
    Mike1 Member Posts: 1,992

    Hi Cagney69

    I know how you feel as I also have widespread OA which really gets me down at times, my neck is "crunchy" whenever I move it when it is especially bad I wear a soft cervical collar which was prescribed by an Occupational Therapist as no other treatment could be offered. If you can't get an appointment to see one I would suggest buying one, they are freely available on the internet and are less than a tenner. Do not wear one long term but they are certainly worth wearing for a couple of hours at a time to help support your neck. If you are going this route I would recommend that you buy a front fastening variant.

  • Cagney69
    Cagney69 Member Posts: 9
    Hi Mike1
    Thank you, much appreciated!
  • dreamdaisy
    dreamdaisy Member Posts: 31,520

    Pain itself is tiring as our benighted bodies have to work harder than necessary to achieve less and less. My OA was diagnosed in 2011 but I suspect it had been happening for some before then thanks to my other arthritis which began in '97.

    This may sound odd but of the two I prefer the OA because it is predictable which I find makes it easier to cope with. I have three triggers, two of which are within my control, the one that isn't is the weather. I don't need to watch the forecast because I can feel it when the rain is coming! The other two are my overdoing stuff and eating too much acidic foods which I can control.

    Another of my coping mechanisms is exercise; a gym bunny would not recognise my efforts as such but they are not me and don't have what i have. Yes it hurts to do, yes I need to rest after, yes I often wonder if it's worth it but there is more to me and what the rest of my body needs than the OA tries to determine. The stronger my muscles the better they support my joints and I feel psychologically better in myself which is vital. I have OA in both ankles, both knees, both hips, both wrists, one shoulder and it is beginning in my neck.

    I began arthritis when I was 37 and am now 61. The OA is playing up today due to low pressure weather so I am doing a little and often with resting in between the short bursts of gentle activity. I think it does us good to have the occasional fed up day, it is hard work living with arthritis and to maintain a cheery face for the sake of others. I hope you feel better soon, what pain relief do you have? DD

    DODGYKNEES Member Posts: 74
    Hi. Yes I can relate. I have OA in multiple joints. It does get me down sometimes. It's unavoidable. My neck is painfull at the moment too. I'l turn a certain way and my neck will crunch. At the end of the day my head feels heavy and I have to put a pillow behind my head to watch tv.
  • Cagney69
    Cagney69 Member Posts: 9
    Hi dreamdaisy,
    I also exercise and always feel sore and achy afterwards but it's worth it as I do benefit from it. If my joints get really painful I'll take a couple of paracetamol which I'd like to think help a little bit. I used to take strong painkillers
    which helped with the pain but weren't ideal as they would zonk me out. I was prescribed something from my doctor (can't remember the name) but unfortunately they didn't help.
    Sometimes I'll use an ice pack.
  • dreamdaisy
    dreamdaisy Member Posts: 31,520

    Strong pain relief works like any other drug, it merely removes you from the source of the trouble which all comes crashing back when the effect wears off. The secret of pain management is to get ahead, and distract yourself from, it; what doesn't help is allowing it to build to such a pitch that nothing seems to touch it.

    I view my cocodamol as middlingly useful but no more than that. I am currently having to eke out my supplies with paracetamol and life is harder than usual due to pain but that won't last, my script will finally be issued and I can return to being 65% in pain as opposed to 85%. I found life became much easier once multiple joints were affected because there were no more pain-free oases for comparison. DD

  • Tracie
    Tracie Member Posts: 57
    Hi everyone I'm waiting to see a rheumatologist but my mri s and systems my dr says it is OA Gosh so painful neck elbows wrists hands n knees. Neck crunches all the time too .
    I walk when I can with a walking stick take naprozen and amertripoline really helps me sleep most nights and a wireless tens. Def gets me down have tearful days when days are more painful then ever I do try to keep my emotions in check but not at the mo with coronavirus and everything else going on.
    I think only people who have some sort of arthritis pain understand. Its invisible isnt it. Hope everyone manages to rest tonight.
    Big hugs to all of us who is suffering xx
  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 28,072

    Hi @Cagney69 when my neck goes it doesn't feel like it's going to drop off as such just so excruciatingly painful I can even vomit, but that only makes it WORSE of course.

    I think with necks try gentle heat and rest ditch two pillows if you use them and start trying to find one which helps you. I use a contoured one which in theory aligns the spine when lying down. Initially I used a rolled up hand towel in my neck and no pillow.

    Now I know the signs my neck is getting cross so I try to head it off at the pass with more rest and less time having to carry my big old heavy head around!

  • Cagney69
    Cagney69 Member Posts: 9
    Hi frogmorton,
    I injured my neck many years ago. I just did a simple shoulder roll and felt a strong pain in my neck. I shrugged it off (pun not intended) until I turned my head, when I heard three loud cracks. It turned out I put two discs out.
    Over the years my neck has gradually got worse. Sometimes it gets very painful and quite often when I turn my head it makes a grinding sound.
    It's affected my upper and lower limbs as well including muscle weakness.
    I can't always grip things properly which is really frustrating!
    Quite often I stumble or lose my balance due to muscle weakness and it's a terrible feeling!
    I used to be very sporty. Now I can't do half the things that I was once able to and that saddens me deeply.
    A contoured pillow sounds like not a bad idea.
    I'll check that out and thank you!
  • Airwave!
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    Pain is the common factor for all of us on this forum. Can I suggest heat? My oh makes up wheat bags for me, long ones, short ones square ones, put them into the microwave with an old mug with 1/2” of water in for about 2 mins or so, depending on the microwave. Keep using the hot bag, all evening if needed, it does help.

    Heat will increase the circulation and increase the blood flow and the healing effect which normally takes place when we sleep. Warmth also has a comforting effect which we can all feel and it is a positive thing that you can do for your body and mind.

    its a grin, honest!

  • Cagney69
    Cagney69 Member Posts: 9
    I'll give that a try, thank you!
  • Tracie
    Tracie Member Posts: 57
    Hey everyone heat definitely helps pyshio been encouraging me to use a bag of frozen peas 3 x a day I must say I prefer heat but frozen peas takes some pain away esp neck and hands and knees. Bubble baths are amazing too. My husband treated me to a massager you loop your hands in takes the weight of your arms and wraps around your neck oh my its amazing for stiffness and pain and has a heat button too. Heavenly. Also wireless tens works for me . Whatever helps.

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