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    AGE 56 HAD accident work 20+ years ago . Result damage permanent lwr discs lwr spine . over last 20 yrs had vareity treatnment injections ep ojorual psyo/ massage pain killers i buffofen. HAD prtopedic SURGEONS REPORT 1998 . PROBLEM IS FOR LIFE DEGENRATIVE . 2000 AWARDED 10% INDUSTRIAL INJURYS AWARD . SUFFERED PAIN MOBILITY ISSUES LAST 20 + YRS. LAST 2, 3 yrs goot worse artrittis set in lwr joints mid lwr back . approx 2016 . RESULT MOBILITY ISSUES NOW standing up right ques for more 1- 4 min pain goes 2- 5-6 . walking range 20 -50 meteres max pain goes 2- 7 stop rest every 20 meteres so . OCTOBER 2018 Appleyed for PIP what joke insult . ATOS BRISTOL IN OUT 20 MIN . just 10 questions 3 upper body moventments 3 lwr body i could not do 2 lwr body moventments . jan 2019 refused pip ATOS ASSOR LIED ON REPORT . SO MR FAILLED MR MARCH 2019 APPLY TRIBUNRAL . NOV 2019 HAD TRIBUNRAL ANOTHER JOKE . BASICALLY JUDGE SAID SHE HAS NO DOUBT I HAVE BACK OR HEALTH ISSUES . HOWEVER BECAUSE MY ORPHOPEDICS SURGEONS REPORT EVEIDENCE 20 + YRS OLD DESPITE SAYS DEGENRATIVIE / FOR LIFE IT WAS NOT CURRENT IE TO WHEN I APPLIED PIP OCTOBER 2018 . JOKE so DWP WAS RIGHT TO DECLINE REFUSE PIP . SO DENGRATIVE / FOR LIFE MEANS NOTHING ?????. SO NOW I HAVE TO GO BACK TO MY GP WHEN COVID 19 OVER GET REASSETNMENT FROM OROPEDIC SURGEON TO SAY MY PROBLEM CURRENT IE STANDING ISSUES , LIMITED MOBILITY RANGE 20 - 50 METERES walking max . REAPPLY START @ SQUARE A1 . ATM I WORK PART TIME FOR AGENTCY 3, DAYS 30 HOURS . FIND ENOUGH HANDLE AS DRIVER STAY AWAY MANUAL HANDLE HAND BALL WORK agentcy no work due covid 19 atm so claim UC CREDIT . AGAIN AS OFF APRIL 2015 BEFIT REFOMS YOU CANT RETIRE EARLY @ 62 CLAIM PENSTION CREDIT ON HEALTH GROUNDS CLAIM 66 RETIRNTMENT AGE . FIT FOR WORK MEDICALS ALSO JOKE LIKE PIP flawed cpropt system designed for people fail . UC CREDIT COACHES ARE HARD DOWN ON U IN UR FACE ON UR CASE JOKE U HAVE TO SPEND 35 HRS WEEK WORK REALATE ACTIVITYS YOU DONT DO AS YOUR TOLD U GET SANCTIONED £40 HARDSHIP ALLOWANCE EVERY thing you put to coaches they have answer for . With lot others remaining 10 yrs working life looking bleack . @ 56 NOW PAYED 40 YRS TAX / NI CLASS 1 PAYE 35 YEARS PAYED FOR MY FULL OAP PENSTION CANT CLAIM IT 66 LOL. TORY CONSERVATIVIES HAVE LOT TO ANSWER TO . STAY SAFE

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    Hello @ADRIAN and welcome to the online community.

    It sounds like you have had a difficult time since your work injury 20 years ago resulting in permanent damage to your lower spine. Trying to work through the detail of PIP and Universal Credit can be very stressful, so well done for persevering all these years. I'm sure you'll find many members on the forum who have had similar experiences and will be pleased to share them with you.

    You might find the following pages useful. They talk about the different financial support you can apply for and give links to sites that help you when you're applying:

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    Thanck you