Continue Shielding?



  • Kazza52
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    Hi all,

    I received my letter yesterday from the Government setting out the latest advice regarding shielding. It is four pages long and states what we can do now that the shielding restrictions are being lifted.

    The letter also states that I should send a copy of the letter to my employer.

    The letter is a bit confusing as it also says that I am still at high risk of catching Coronavirus but I can go back to work.

    The letter also states that if the Government needs to put in place shielding again in the future they will contact everyone on the NHS shielding list quickly.

    Stay safe everyone.


  • Crookesey
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    I’m not so sure, driving through the Peak District National Park today I noticed standing next to me at a road junction a young guy resplendent in mask and gloves. Am I missing something or was he in danger on his lonesome in his car?

  • CatLady1
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    Hi all

    I have been shielding since the beginning of lock down and I'm not too sure that I even want to go out even when my shielding ends. I see my younger daughter once a fortnight - she does my laundry - and she sits outside and we talk at more than 2metres apart. My elder daughter and family came last week and they were the first people I have allowed past my patio door. They had to come in to sort some boxes out for me. They wore masks.

    I too feel and am waiting for a spike of the virus given the people on Bournemouth beach and those in Liverpool to name just two places. I hope I am wrong. Chris

  • auriol
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    I am ancient but not giving in to the threat of the virus, even though my confidence has gone down the pan.

    I have a partner who lives a few miles away,so havent seen each other for 16 weeks.this has been difficult enough,ontop of that I and my family are trying to come to terms with a beloved daughter committing suicide last november.Which has resulted in some days when I couldnt stop crying and didnt want to get out of bed.

    I fell heavily on my left wrist a couple of weeks ago went to minor injuries given an ill fitting wrist support.Then asked rheumatology what to do next so that the resulting weakness did not impinge too much on use,No Help forthcoming.I am trying up down exercises and going round in circles too.Any other ideas!

    Sorry to unload all of this but it needed to come out.

    One marvellous treat I have the offer of a holiday house for free as there are no bookings for it till later, it is in the middle of nowhere with lovely rural views.Cant wait!

    Methotrexate is a wonderful drug kept me without much aggravation for over 20 years ,wish it didnt make one more vulnerable ,its worth it.!


  • dreamdaisy
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    Hello auriol, I have only just spotted your post so apologies for my delayed answer: I hope your wrist is improving and that your holiday works out well for you.

    We went through the guidelines again today and I intend to slowly ease my shielding. As far as I am concerned nothing will be any different on the first day of August compared to the last day of July but we will be seeing more people, at a goodly distance, in our back garden (this gorgeous summer weather permitting) at least twice a week. I have no worries about going out but I am not in any rush to mix with people. They don't need me and I definitely don't need what they might have to offer. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben