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Taking up Cycling


I'm new to the site, and looking for feedback from anyone who has arthritis in the lumbar area / hip who has taken the plunge and bought a bike to increase their fitness? I am considering purchasing an e-bike so that if I experience any problems I can use the battery power to get home!

I have spoken to a well-reviewed bike shop in Worcester and the chap advised that, as long as I buy a 'sit up and beg' style (or Dutch style) bike I should be ok. When I explained that I am nearly 60 and have arthritis he said that I could expect a few aches and pains at first but everybody gets them when they cycle so I shouldn't worry, and that I'm 'overthinking it'.

Has anybody else taken up cycling, and if so, how has it gone and have you experienced any problems or, at worst, ended up selling the bike?





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    Hi Kazzabezz

    Welcome to the forum.

    I don't cycle so not very helpful to you but I am sure others on this forum do or know someone who does,it's unfortunate that you have Arthritis in the Lumber area,everyone on this forum have various forms of Arthritis so understand what you are going through.

    Take care and keep safe Christine

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    Well I am assuming its arthritis - as you are probably aware, when you have any kind of aches and pains you are automatically told its arthritis if you are middle aged. They don't want to do MRIs unless you have problems with bowels or waterworks, or if your legs give way making crossing the road dangerous!! Left to deal with it on my own I assume its arthritis because my mother suffered with it.

    Having said that and sounding quite 'resigned' and 'defeatist' I have just had my gleaming 2k e-bike delivered and it is beautiful... I am going to give it a good go! I have a plan! I will speak to my chiropractor, carry on with my regular walks to keep my fitness levels up, start my yoga for healthy lower backs (YFHLB) course once lockdown is over, and make every effort to increase my ability to ride my bike. If all else fails the colour is unisex so my other half can make use of it!

    Stay safe, Karen

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    Hello Kazzabezz and congratulations on buying a shiny new E-bike, which I hope you have successfully tried out by now. Nothing could be less 'defeatist' and I guess that 'accepting' is really what you mean - which is brilliant as that mindset allows you to adapt and go forward.

    My OA set in during my early 40s and affected my back from the start. Initial x-rays and scan showed damage to lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine so my very active lifestyle was gradually restricted and walking was limited from the beginning.

    By now I'm in my mid 70s and, having been unable to continue horse riding, invested in a secondhand mountain bike some years ago. My husband did the same and encouraged me slowly to build up strength and stamina on the lovely disused railway trails near our home. I never cycle alone or on roads as I cannot turn to check traffic behind me but it's a privilege to be able to get out and about in the countryside - especially since we wrinklies have been free to travel beyond our immediate neighbourhood for exercise. With bikes loaded on the back of the car by my OH we set off for quiet evening rides and feel truly uplifted.

    There have been times when my trusty steed has stood, unused, in the garage - following shoulder surgery and during cold weather but it's always good to start again and to pursue this along with swimming as the two best forms of exercise given my particular situation.

    I so hope you enjoy cycling as much as I do and can start with little and often as you get used to your bike and the surroundings in which you ride it.

    Enjoy and let us know how you progress!