waiting for an ankle fusion

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hi everyone

im currently waiting on an ankle fusion but I don't know what to expect from surgery ?

I had an accident many years a go and ending up with a lot of screws in my ankle after an operation with very little flexibility and as the years have passed around 20 now its gradually detoriated in to where im unable to work and can barely walk once ive done my morning exercise of a small walk or indoor cycle on a turbo trainer and some weights whilst on lockdown but once ive finished and relaxed that's it I barely put any weight on ive always been active up until the last 12 months the pain is unbearable some evenings ill try any thing I use heat/cold gels and a tens machines which do help as it takes my mind off the pain until I stop or take it off and also have a revitive circulation booster I can't really go anywhere as I don't have a vehicle as I had to give it up with my job I have to cycle to places if im planning to sit out as once ive rested im that stiff not possible for me to walk again

can anyone please tell me what to expect from an ankle fusion I was having a yearly cortisone injection but they got weaker and weaker year by year and finally this fusion surgery is my last resort im told it eliminates pain

any feedback will be much appreciated




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    Hi @0789blackie I know you are looking for people with personal experience of having ankle fusion surgery. Posting here to get this discussion up the lists to see if we can attract anyone's attention.

    In the meantime, there is some general information on Foot & Ankle Surgery that you may find of interest.

    Best wishes


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    Thanks peter

    I was looking pretty much for someone with some experience first hand I do appreciate all the feedback regarding links but I’ve done quite a lot of research and read quite a few personal experiences but your fusion sounds pretty much similar to the one you’ve had yourself I know it’s going to be lengthy recovery but I’ve accepted that and just would like it doing soon as but I know it won’t be happening for a while with the current pandemic going on I’m trying every thing possible to keep healthy and shape for the surgery eating all the correct foods and exercising daily which I do have to really excel myself as the pain is off putting im pretty much done for the day after a small walk or cycle and some weights as the joint inflames leaving me stiff and I constant pain especially full weight Balance but I’m trying various hot/cold therapy tens machine circulation booster I know the pain relief only dulls the pain I’ve adapted to the pain and been unable to work and drive took a while causing a lot of depression and anxiety but I’m pretty much through the worst of it now seem a lot happier with my daily routine which I can only continue

    Thanks for your response peter much appreciated mate