What do you want for your birthday?

That was my question to my 30 something daughter, her reply just get me some random stuff. She was in one of her funks ( she gets them from time to time) where nothing is right and she is the only one allowed to feel down. It can be very hard work to deal with.

Right I thought some random stuff it is then and on your own head be it!

So she has just got an allotment......some hand cream as she complained her hands were dry. Some bubble bath as an antidote to too much digging. Two archaeology books on Egypt as she is hoping to go this year. A massive ball of twine for her allotment, and lastly a paper guillotine for her craft work making books. I hope that is random enough!!!.


  • Mike1
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    Should have got her a tea cosy and some bed socks instead! 😁

  • stellabean
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    She got the socks at Christmas knitted by my fair hands. I am beginning to think the guillotine may be a bad idea as she cut her hand badly the other day using a filleting knife to cut some ham. I think I need to re-stock the first aid box it may be a good idea to get some major injury dressings just in case.

  • frogmorton
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    The guillotine should be safer than a knife I think Stellabean,,,,

    If that was me I would be really touched by all of your ideas.

    I had some hotters walking boots for my lockdown birthday in April 😁

  • stellabean
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    I hope you have been wearing them in in the house ready to get going if and when things become more normal. I find my feet s most comfortable in hiking boots as I can't find shoes that accommodate the boney changes in my feet.

  • stellabean
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    She was 36 today and loved her random bits even down to the massive box of plasters in case she cut herself, always be prepared we have to the closest chemist is over 8 miles away.