Extreme pain

I was diagnosed with RA back in January and so far methotrexate and sulphasalazine haven’t worked. I’m due to start etanercept on Friday but I’m in such agony I don’t know how to cope. My whole body is effected and yesterday it was to the point I squealed in pain every time I had to move my head because of the neck pain. It just feels like I’ve been hit by a lorry and I’m only 20 years old :( anyway, I’m looking for some hope, has anyone been this bad and gotten somewhat better with treatment? I can’t be like this forever!


  • Lilymary
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    Hi LIv, that sounds really awful. I don't have experience of your particular condition, I just wanted to send a hug. Wish I could say something more useful. Friday will soon come around, and let's hope the new drugs help you. Meanwhile, try to keep your brain busy to take your mind off the pain. Someone suggested that to me early days in my OA journey, and it does help.