I am worried for my daughter

Up until now she has worked from home, she is an archaeologist some of her colleagues were furloughed by the company others were not. But today they have sent her to a site in an area with extremely high numbers of covid cases, she has got her own van to drive a few paper masks and hand gel. But there are no toilet or hand washing facilities yet as they haven't arrived on site, in the past their approach to untoward health and safety incidents has been lacking. Last year she was watching a machine digging when it hit an electric cable there was an explosion and she was very shaken, had small electrical burns on her skin and was very lucky not to be seriously hurt but they didn't fill out any paper work. The office manager just said "Oh well you weren't killed". this morning the same thing happened not as bad as last year but she rang me in a state at least this time she is filling in her own form and tonight she is joining the union.


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    The employer is legally obliged to report such incidents to them in accordance with RIDDOR - see https://www.hse.gov.uk/riddor/ , failure to do so is a criminal offence. I would advise that your daughter contacts the Health and Safety Executive https://www.hse.gov.uk/contact/concerns.htm#:~:text=The%20quickest%20way%20to%20report,in%20the%20form%20with%20you. which can be done anonymously, as the site is obviously in an area which can be overlooked by the public anyone passing could have done so.

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    Thanks Mike the form has been done for yesterday, the area was scanned but as it was a disused cable with a pot end on ( site was previously flats now pulled down) this apparently didn't show up with the CAT scanner. She was shaken especially after the last episode but at least the manager this time was concerned.The last incident was reported by the construction company but her employer should also have filed a report. That one was a live cable that wasn't on any plans which didn't show on scan so you wonder if these scanners always work as they should.

    The loos arrived at 11 am they started on site at 7.30 so she was at last able to wash her hands and get a drink.