Shielding, but Absent parent wants to see children.

Good Afternoon
This is my first post so hello everyone 😊
I’d like some advice especially from people in a similar situation. My ex-husband has requested to have our children overnight, but my issues are that I’m shielding as advised by the government and he also works in a Elderly residential care home. Has anyone had a similar experience and can advise me what they decided or If they received professional advice that they could share.
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    Good Afternoon @Daisychain79 and a warm welcome to the online community.

    You've explained that you're shielding and are looking for advice about your ex-husband's request to have the children overnight. Have you spoken to the helpline? Perhaps it would be useful to talk it through with someone? on on 0800 5200 520.

    If you received a shielding letter from the NHS you may have been given a number you can call for specific shielding advice. There may also be a helpline for your part of the UK, which could provide more specific advice about this - you'll find the contact details on our website's coronavirus pages:

    As I'm sure you'll be aware, there are so many different factors to consider, including the safety measures in place at your ex-husband's place of work, whether or not they have any confirmed or suspected cases of Covid-19, and whether the children are old enough to observe strict social distancing.

    I'm sure our online community members will be able to share their own experiences with you. And I hope you find the advice you need to help you make the right decision.

    I look forward to seeing you share a bit more about yourself another time, perhaps in Say hello, or joining in the general Chit-chat or sharing recipes in Val's cafe?

    Best wishes


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    @MarzMac Thank you so much for all this information and advice. I will call the helpline, As I’ve a feeling he won’t accept social distancing from his kids which makes me a little uneasy, but I agree talking it through will cover more questions and possibilities.
    I’ll head over to one of the other chats very soon and introduce myself, thanks again and it’s lovely to have such a warm welcome 😊