Knee pain

Hi to all, I'm new here after a hesitating ten minutes, but the only ones that know what your going through with pain with arthritis. Joint replacement pain is people who's gone through it, has anyone had problems with I. T band after knee replacement I'm two and ahalf years with mine and problems from day one. And still osteoarthritis on this wonky knee. Lol.


  • Anna
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    Hi @CLIFFY1878 ,

    Well done for taking the plunge and joining the online community! We have all experienced what it's like living with the pain of arthritis and I'm sure you'll find lots of helpful and supportive people here.

    Although it doesn't specifically mention illiotibial band (IT) pain, you might be interested in the Versus Arthritis information section below on knee pain which includes some gentle exercises to strengthen the knee.

    Best wishes to you and please let us know how you're getting on, Anna

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    I had a replacement a couple of years ago. All went well to start with but now I get a lot of pain both in the replacement knee and also in the other knee which has signs of OE. Not sure how to go on.

  • Glo
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    Hi all!

    Are there any positive comments about knee surgery with advice on how to proceed to a more active life thereafter?

    i was due to see my specialist re surgery in March when my visit was cancelled last minute due to possibility of infection from Covid 19. Yes, I am having intense pain and my lifestyle is now badly hampered so I was hoping for relief after a knee operation not disillusionment!


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    Cliffy1878 Apologies for the hijack of your thread, but I just want to welcome @Glo to the Online Community.

    I do have some positive and useful comments I have been moderating this forum for a very long time and always remember this thread:

    There were a whole load of people having knees done that summer.

    Do let us know how you get on

    Best wishes